10 Reasons To Drink Smoothies

Smoothies are the new love in my life.  Here are 10 reasons why:

1.  QUICK.  5 minutes or less to prepare.

2.  EASY.  Add ingredients, blend, and done.

3.  NO MESS.  One glass to wash (thank you Magic Bullet!)

4.  HEALTHY.  Potentially a days worth of nutrition without extra calories.

5.  COMPACT.  Oodles of Alzheimer’s fighting vitamins, protein, amino acids, etc. IN ONE GLASS.

6.  DELICIOUS INGREDIENTS.  Berries, yogurt, chocolate to name a few.

7.  REFRESHING.  Nothing better after a work-out.

8.  CONVENIENT.  A smoothie to go is perfect when on the clock.

9.  FUN.  An easy and fun way to experiment with healthy ingredients.

10.  MEAL REPLACEMENT.   Smoothies are an excellent meal!

My go to smoothie looks something like this:

1 C. frozen berries
2 C. almond milk
1 scoop Jay Robb vanilla protein powder
1 scoop wheat grass
1 Tbsp. chia seeds

Go to Joy Of Smoothies or Whole Living for more healthy smoothie ideas.  And remember — what you put in your smoothie and ultimately in your body has a lasting effect on how you look and feel inside and out.


2 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Drink Smoothies”

  1. I love my Nutribullet. It is helping me to be healthier, nourishing my brain and body and even helping me lose weight. My favorite is made with spinach, blueberries, blackberries, flax seed, pumkin seeds and pomengranate juice. Sometimes I add a scoop of a green “superfoods” mix, too. So good!

    1. Hi Melody, your favorite smoothie sounds delicious. I’ll be trying it just as soon as I can gather up the ingredients. Thanks for sharing!

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