Ruth Update: Feeding The Birds

Mom’s new caregivers have started texting me photos of mom using their camera phone.   So while it’s not the best image, it’s still very much appreciated and I enjoy the updates immensely.  This picture of my mom feeding the birds was recently sent along with the caption “Ruth has become our resident bird feeder.  She goes out daily to the back yard and enjoys just looking around at nature.”

Mom has always been a nature lover and especially a lover of all animals.  This bird feeder stand sits right outside a large picture window where my mom spends a lot of time.  It’s an added blessing that she has birds and squirrels to watch from her window because I’m pretty sure this brings her happiness.  The fenced in yard is nice too since being outdoors has always been important to mom.  Plus I hear she sometimes chats with the neighbors, which is such a sweet thing for me to imagine.  I wonder if the neighbors speak Alzheimer’s?  ; )

One Memory

I would hold on to the sweet memory of scooping my young children into my arms after they’ve played outside on a warm summer day, kissing them on their sweaty necks and taking in their delicious scent, smelling all their imaginary play, their new discoveries, their hopes and dreams.

But this isn’t how it plays out.

An Alzheimer sufferer becomes the child and this sweet memory of a mother with her children will not survive.  The Alzheimer’s “child” will find THEMSELVES in the arms of their imaginary mother who is holding and comforting them.   And as the mother inhales everything this child is and was, the “child” will whisper in her ear “help me.”