Ruth Update: Something isn’t right . . .

Sept. 2012, Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis

(ICK WARNING)  Mom has been vomiting for about a week now what is being described as a dark to light brown substance.  It’s just once a day in the morning or evening and it’s a small amount.  She’s also lost 10 pounds in a month.  Other than the weight loss and her vomit episodes, mom appears to be fine and doesn’t seem to be experiencing nausea, pain, or fatigue.  In fact, I hear she’s her normal happy self.

But a trip to the doctor was in order, and we were fortunate to get her in today.  The doctor doesn’t know what’s going on, but has ordered blood work and an ultra-sound scheduled for Monday morning.  Her gall bladder was tender to the touch, and he’s thinking that could be it.  Hopefully we’ll find out soon, and I’ll let you know when we do.

Ruth Update: December Visit from My Hubby!

My husband Vince recently had the good fortune of visiting Minneapolis for business.  And this was a great opportunity to visit my family while there!  Vince did the usual things with my dad and brother that included going to a locally famous hamburger joint to eat “Juicy Lucys,” watching Monday Night Football, and then going out for steaks on another night.  Priorities!  But he also got a chance to visit my mom and see her new digs for the first time.

I was pleased to hear mom recognized Vince and was happy to see him.  He reports that her language has definitely diminished since he last saw her in 2010, and communication was difficult.  But they went on a walk together and my dear husband was patient and they chatted as best they could.  He brought Christmas gifts for her, and here are a couple pictures of her opening them.

Vince said mom was confused on how to open the packages and she needed help, which is new.  We gave her a Christmas fleece in her favorite color and a new book called “Blue Sky, White Clouds” by Eliezer Sobel which is a book for memory-challenged adults.  I hear she enjoyed it and they read it together.  But this book gave me an idea to create her own personal “Memory Book” that includes her life story in simple pictures and words to include names of her loved ones which I think she would love.

Mom tried on her Christmas fleece which looked like it may have been a bit short, but then it was put on over her sweatshirt, so I don’t know.  I wish her eyes were open here — but you get the idea.

It was so nice that Vince was able to visit.  Since I couldn’t go he sort of carried my love and hugs and gifts to mom for me, which was just beautiful!  (sigh)  Merry Christmas far away mom, dad, brother and sister in Texas!  You’re in my heart on Christmas and every day.