In The Alzheimer’s Storm

There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.     ~  Willa Cather I am quite often asked how my mother is doing.  While I am grateful for the care and concern for my mom, the truth is, mom lives in a bubble or as I like to think of it […]

Ruth Update: On To Plan D — Drugs

As many of you know, my mom has been having tummy trouble since December.  Let’s call it “tummy trouble” instead of vomit, okay?  I initially told you about it Dec. 29th, and then updated you on Jan. 15th, so this tummy trouble has been with mom for some time. Mom had an abdominal Ultra Sound […]

A Pacemaker For The Brain?

A “pacemaker for the brain” to help slow Alzheimer’s and retrieve memories is all over the news right now.  Researchers used Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) on a man back in 2003 that seemed to unlock old memories.  This led them to think about the memory loss in an Alzheimer’s brain, and if this method could […]

Middle-aged, Out of Shape, Incredibly Lazy Woman Begins Exercise Program

When I decided to start running in 2011 it seemed like a crazy idea.  If you read “I Am Not a Runner,” you will know what I mean.  But a personal commitment to exercise had recently become a nagging whisper in my daily life, sounding something like “you need to exercise . . . you […]

Ruth Update: Something STILL Isn’t Right . . . But we may be on to something.

On December 29th I shared that something is going on with my mom.   Blood work was underway and an abdominal ultrasound was scheduled due to daily vomiting episodes and a sudden drop in weight.  The ultrasound and blood work results came back two weeks ago and were negative for any abnormalities.  Mom’s gall bladder was […]

6 Reasons I Joined A Gym

I joined a gym!  My feelings about this are somewhere between excited and terrified, but I’m looking forward to getting started.  I never considered myself an “exerciser” until 2011 when I began running and working out on a somewhat regular basis.  I got into it pretty quickly and found myself exercising four to five days […]

Wandering and Getting Lost — How To Keep Your Loved One Safe

Too often, I read about people with dementia who go missing.  We have never lost my mom, but there have been times when we she was out of sight and a low-grade panic set in.  Like when you suddenly realize you don’t know where your three-year-old is, losing sight of a dementia sufferer is just […]