Accepting the Flow and Letting Go

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”  ~ Anaïs Nin

A website I found called “Aging Abundantly” spoke to me one day saying:

Aging Abundantly is here for you ~ the woman who is in the midst of the greatest transformation of her life ~ you who are arising from the ashes of your life as maiden and mother and emerging to don the glorious crown of the wise woman and crone.

If you’ve been reading my writing, you know that I struggle with “the greatest transformation of my life” — letting go of my young adult children and my mother who has Alzheimer’s disease.  You’d think I could get on with it, but it’s a process; and writing helps with the process.

Click here to go to Aging Abundantly, and to read my latest reflections on letting go, called “Finding Courage.”

I’m getting there.

I’m further along than I was last summer when I wrote “Adjusting Under My Rock.”

Still, you’ll probably see more on this topic, because I have more to say about love, mid-life, and letting go.

With Much Love,


Ruth Update: So Long Emesis Nemesis

The last time Mom was at my house in May 2010.

Mom has been having what I like to call “tummy trouble” and what mom’s caregivers like to call “emesis” but what is actually, bouts of vomiting since the end of December.  Mom went to the doctor, she had tests, and we were getting nowhere trying to figure out the cause of the tummy trouble.  Finally, in an effort to put an end to the emesis, and to avoid further testing, mom started taking generic Prilosec last Tuesday, and I’m happy to report she hasn’t vomited in 10 days!  I’m told she is acting and eating better too.

I talked with Mom today, and she sounds really good on the phone,  but she also sounds like she’s progressing quickly.

Something new — mom doesn’t know what to do with the phone when someone hands it to her.  Now I hear about 10 seconds of instructions before my mom says hello. “Hold it like this.  You talk here.  Put that part to your ear.  No, you don’t push the buttons.”  This is new.

Mom has also started making up words.

So long emesis nemesis.  Hello unrelenting, got her by the balls on your course of destruction, Alzheimer’s disease.