6 Reasons I Joined A Gym

I joined a gym! 

My feelings about this are somewhere between excited and terrified, but I’m looking forward to getting started.  I never considered myself an “exerciser” until 2011 when I began running and working out on a somewhat regular basis.  I got into it pretty quickly and found myself exercising four to five days a week which was unheard of for me — I felt great, went down a pant size, was signing up for 5Ks and a 10K — and then  . . .  I  . . . gradually . . .  stopped.  Well, almost stopped.  I still ran a little here and there, did sporadic floor exercises, “push-ups” on the stairs, squats while blow drying my hair, but it was all going to hell and my motivation was waning.

So I decided to join a gym.  Here’s why:

1.  Motivation.  I need to be where other people are working out.  It’s tough to stay motivated when I’m doing it alone.

2.  Weights.  After receiving poor results on a recent bone density scan, I have no choice but to begin strength training.

3.  Classes.  Yoga, Zumba, Cycle, Pilates, Boot Camp!

4.  The big 5-0.  I’m turning 50 this year.  Aaaaagh!  When? How? Must turn back time!

5.  Cost.  It’s crazy inexpensive right now at Gold’s Gym.  Maybe they have good deals where you live?

6.  Alzheimer’s Prevention!  Exercise and pumping iron are two of the best things I can do for my brain.  It’s a no-brainer. ; )

Also, see me in that batting cage?  It was a lot of fun, and it brought back memories of my softball days, but that was on Dec. 26th, two weeks ago, and I am STILL in pain.  I am so dog-gone weak that I have virtually no upper body strength, and I’m still paying for my batting fun.

I am weak.  I want to get strong.  That’s why I joined a gym.


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  1. Melody Jemison says:

    That’s so exciting! I love lifting weights. I get better results from that than anything else. But, a variety of exercises keeps it interesting. I like being able to work out at home, but I also like the atmosphere of the gym where you find other people committed to health and trying to improve their lives. You will do well. You’re awesome! Thank you for your encouragement and inspiration.

    • Joanne Leonardis says:

      Thank you so much Melody! But YOU are the encouraging and inspiring one! Like I said, I’ve never been a gym person — always preferring to exercise at home or by myself on a run, but I’m excited about this. I think the difference is the atmosphere and the abundance of weights. I’ve tried other gyms, but I think they were too pretty and fluffy if that makes sense — a lot of cardio machines but no sweat. When I went in to Gold’s Gym, people were WORKING and it’s a little grungy which felt right to me. I’m looking forward to strength training — that’s so great that you’re doing it too! Beating the ALZ, baby!

  2. Mary Ellen Kennedy Kollodge says:

    The picture of you in your batting stance immediately made me think of your mom when she was younger.
    The facial resemblance from the bill of your helmet down to your chin was startling when
    I scrolled down. Nice.

  3. Susan Duff says:

    Love it! I’ve thought about it, but have trouble finding the time to GO to the gym plus my dogs are the reason I get out and run most every day. I need to find a good yoga class – I too am looking at a half century – coming soon in March! I think the stretching would be most beneficial. Keep it up!

  4. Joanne Leonardis says:

    I’ve tried gyms before and going has been the hardest part for me too. But hopefully with Gold’s being 10 minutes away, this will be easier. I’m looking forward to trying the yoga there, and the other classes too. Come with meee!!

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