A Circle of Friends Say Good-bye

Circle of Friends

It was a quick decision to place my mother in a Residential Home.  The idea was discussed on Monday, it was finalized on Wednesday and she moved into her new home on Friday.   But we couldn’t just let my mom vanish from the neighborhood without a good bye.  She’s lived in the same house for 47 years, (I grew up in this house), and the neighbors have become dear friends.  So we had a small gathering around a fire in my parents backyard.

My mom was happy to see people and have a party, but the send off was for the neighbors benefit as well.  Nobody said good bye and the move wasn’t mentioned because it would have just confused and concerned her.  So she drank her root beer and had a great time and we all watched her knowing that her life was about to change.

We had fun.   But I felt like such a sneak.

Not the best shot of my parents, but you can see my dad being a good patient by putting his foot up.

My mom moved into her new home today and she isn’t here tonight.  We’re here, but my mom is not.  So strange.  I don’t like how this feels..  I hope my mom is okay.  I hope my dad is okay too.  I hope mom went to bed alright.  And I hope to write more about this experience someday.  But I can’t just yet.  I’m so tired I could sleep for days.  Good night friends.  Good night mom.



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  1. Thank you, dearest Joanne, for having the courage to share these difficult family decisions…. I can only imagine all the internal musings over such a choice… I hope that you get some much needed rest…

    Take care.


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