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Greetings friends and family.  I shared last month that my dad has terminal cancer, and then I sort of left you hanging — so here’s a quick update.

Dad continues to decline, but he is one tough guy.  His hospice nurse thought he had “less than a week” over a week ago and he still continues to get up and out of bed at least once a day — until today.  But it’s early.

My sister, brother and I are taking shifts and doing our best to make sure he’s comfortable and cared for.  We are well supported with an almost daily hospice nurse visit and 24/7 phone support.

Dad is very weak and tired, but says he is not in pain.

It seems he has one foot in the afterlife and he goes back and forth between both worlds.

We are taking it day by day and sometimes hour by hour, with our father in the lead.

All is well in this cozy and warm home.

Thank you for your continued love and support.

Marilyn, Joanne, and John

In the backyard on one of our favorite toys -- the "Whirley Bird" that our dad had just put together.

13 thoughts on “Dad Update”

  1. Oh, Joanne…..thank you for the update. We so need to talk sometime. We just left the hospice house last night after saying goodbye to Reneau’s mother. What a crazy time. You and your family remain in our prayers.

    1. It is a crazy time Laura — 2013 will be a year to remember. I’m sorry you’re going through this yourselves. Love & Peace to you and yours, I look forward to catching up sometime. J.

  2. Dearest Joanne,

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, your beloved father, your siblings, children, your husband, and extended family at this time..

    Your Grace is an inspiration… I have learned many lessons through your sharing of some of life’s most difficult… And yet, most Blessed moments…

    In Gratitude for your strength, vulnerability, and deep love of those who you hold dear….

    Deb Axford Mace

    1. Deb, “most difficult, and yet most blessed moments” is so true. YOU are an inspiration to me with the awareness you share. Thank you.

  3. Oh my dear, words just cannot express to you my deep sorrow for you and your family. Your journey with mom and now dad, so soon afterwards.
    I am glad you have each other and your memories. Knowing that mom and dad will be re-united in Heaven is a beautiful thought but leaves another empty seat at the table.
    God Bless you all as you complete this circle of life.

    1. Thank you Michelle. Yes . . . .”so soon afterwards” has been a heavy load, but we’re managing and accepting and doing the best we can. There is some beauty to be found in the idea that my parents will “be together” somewhere . . . . somehow.

  4. Oh…you kids have had quite a year.
    So sorry about your Dad. I just found
    a picture of them when they were at our
    house last…..several years ago. Every one with a big smile. Will remember them like that and when they stopped at our house in Park Rapids years ago and we had BLT’s as they were on their way fishing with the roll down camper. Virge, Dorie Sweere and Barb Umland were having coffee at Virge’s when I called her to read this update to her, and they along with Gene and I….send our love and prayers to you to all. One day at a time… are all sweet children for taking such good care of your parents…they were/are really Blessed by the Lord!

    1. Darlene,
      Oh such happy memories! And you probably know BLT’s were one of my mom’s favorites. : ) I’m so glad you shared this update with Virgie and friends — in fact, please feel free to pass along updates to any Wadena friends you think may want to know. We thank you for all the love and blessings — yes, one day at a time. So nice to hear from you. Joanne

  5. Joanne,
    I did not know about your dad’s illness. I’m sure he knows that his three loving children are with him as he prepares to meet your mom. God bless you all.

    1. Hi Karen, We just found out about his cancer two months ago — and it was quite extensive when we found out. Thank you for the blessings.

  6. Joanne – One deep pain on top of another. It is amazing that the heart can go on. I do hope you and your family will find some joy and healing in the coming year. Though the heart closes down for awhile, the capacity to love and be love is always there. Heartfelt blessings to you and yours. Ginger

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