What Kind of Name is That?

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for almost a year now. It came to me on a run when I jokingly thought to myself “I should have a t-shirt made that says “Racing Alzheimer’s” on the back, because that’s what I’m doing out here.

Light Bulb. Racing Alzheimer’s?  Hmmmm . . . let me see.

I’m out running for my brain, I’ve completely changed my diet, I’m taking enough supplements to strangle a horse. I’m doing all this and more to stay healthy and (hopefully) protect myself from Alzheimer’s. The disease caught my great-grandmother, my grandmother and now it has my mom. I am quite literally racing Alzheimer’s.  I WILL write about it.

I’ll write about it because, who knows? Maybe I’m not alone in this.

Maybe I’m not the only one making a conscious effort to prevent Alzheimer’s. I know I’m not alone in having a parent with the disease. And there must be other baby boomers out there thinking the same thing — I COULD BE NEXT.

Maybe I can help you. Maybe you can help me. Or maybe we can simply support each other along the way.

What I know for sure is this: I AM racing Alzheimer’s disease. And while I’m doing everything I can to prevent it from catching me, I don’t plan on having any regrets if it does. There will be lots to write about.

PS. I DID have t-shirts made! What do you think?

Purple t-shirt with RacingAlzheimer's.com on the back

8 thoughts on “What Kind of Name is That?”

  1. You go, girl!! I can’t wait to keep up with your blog, your journey, and the many ways you are making an incredible difference in not only YOUR life, but the difference you’re making for your friends, family, and others in the race… So proud of you and so honored to call you friend! LOVE TO YOU!

    1. Thank you Mallory! And thank you for being the FIRST post ON the actual blog! I appreciate your support and encouragement so much — but mostly, I just appreciate YOU. Love Back . . . . . <3

  2. I’m so dang proud of you, Joanne!!! I will, of course, support you any way I can. With that in mind, I must share with all the other readers my access to good information, which I have already shared with you.

    The is a lot of research being done about the link between hearing loss and Alzheimer/ Dementia. Some startling conclusions include that for every 10 dB’s of hearing loss, your risk for developing Alzheimers increases 20%. The take away is to get your hearing tested regularly like any other age-related testing and to conserve or rehabilitate your hearing as necessary. Done…. 🙂

  3. Joanne, I can’t tell you how proud of you I am . . . you are a complete inspiration! I truly hope this helps to educate others, and inspires them to do the same. You totally rock girlfriend! 🙂

    1. Thank you Shell. And YOU are an inspiration to me! I’m so bummed that I’ll be missing the next two sits. I’ll be in Mpls. with my parents . . . prayers and metta needed!

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