Minneapolis Bound: February 2013

Next Saturday I fly from the cold state of Virginia to the freezing cold state of Minnesota.  With one friend going to Puerto Rico this month and another on a Caribbean Cruise, I can’t help but wonder if I have it backwards by heading north.  But this is what it’s come to — my airline ticket money is saved for home, and heading south while tempting, just wouldn’t feel right.

There isn’t a big To-Do list this time, my plan is to mostly chill and spend time with my family.

But if you read “Racing Alzheimer’s: Mom’s New Year Resolutions” recently, you know that there is a list — it’s just not my list.  I hope to knock some things off mom’s list by doing what we can that doesn’t require warmer weather.  I know require is a relative term, but this Minnesota girl has become a cold weather wuss since leaving over 20 years ago.  I mean, there’s really no reason to be outside when it’s below 40 degrees.

A warm coat, chap-stick, and mom’s list — let’s do this.

Hopefully I’ll be able to smell spring in the air when I return.

Bon Voyage!

~  Joanne

FUN FACT: It's so cold in Minneapolis, there's a Skyway System of enclosed pedestrian footbridges that connect buildings in Downtown Minneapolis enabling people to walk in a climate-controlled environment. The extensive Skyway system is renowned as the largest continuous system in the world. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minneapolis_Skyway_System



4 thoughts on “Minneapolis Bound: February 2013”

  1. Joanne, love your blog and the fact that you are lazy about exercise!! I am, too. Always can find an excuse, but trying harder to improve and eat better as well. When I was in my 40s I completed a marathon and hiked like a demon. Not sure how I got off track but it can happen and then you go into a rut — especially if one is caregiving. Don’t know if you are still in MN but we are having quite a good amount of snow in Mpls. area. Glad we connected and sorry it took me some time to write you back. I signed up for RSS feed and liked your FB page. Please stay in touch!

    1. Hi Nancy, thank you for reading and commenting! I arrive in Mpls. this coming Saturday Feb. 16th and will be there for a week. I’m not looking forward to the cold at all — I imagine this would be an adjustment for you moving from CA? Glad I’m in good company with the exercise thing as I wait for it to “click.” Thanks also for signing up and Liking! Joanne

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