Run a 10K . . . CHECK!

The 10K almost took me out this morning, but I persevered and came down the stretch under my goal time with a 1:08:45 finish. I have never been more grateful for a finish line. Things were humming along pretty smoothly until I hit mile 5 and the thought of walking started creeping in on me. But I decided before I started, that stopping was NOT an option. So I hung on, and even managed to pick up my pace on the last mile when I saw how close I was getting to my 1:10 goal.

Here are some photos of our morning from my generous and beautiful friend Laurie Orr who graciously agreed to get up early on a Saturday morning to capture this event.  Thank you!

I was a little nervous and accidentally put my number on upside down.
The Leonardis Girls have arrived and have made their first appearance at the Apple Blossom 10K! WooHoo!
My awesome brother-in-law Tony, me, my amazing daughter Jordan, and my always supportive husband Vince.
I love this picture! Family is everything. I am mentally inserting my son Jake into this picture. He couldn't join us, but he was still with us.
Right before mile 3.
The last brutal push to the finish.
Done. Finished. Check.

Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival 10K
May 5th, 2012 Winchester, VA
Time:  1:08:45
Pace:  11:04

Dear 10K Course,

I’ll admit it.  You intimidated me after my practice run and I was a little nervous when I arrived at your gates this morning.  But I tried to keep calm by reminding myself that I was in charge, not you.  I had my run in my head, and I wasn’t going to falter.  Oh sure, I know things got a little shaky around mile 5 — but you never had the upper hand.  Because what you don’t know is the level of determination that resides in this 49 year old body — and I was determined that you would not win this one.  So thank you 10K Course, you did your best today, but you helped me learn that I can do anything I set my mind to.


The One In Purple, Racing Alzheimer’s

PS.  My brain thanks you too!

6 thoughts on “Run a 10K . . . CHECK!”

  1. Congratulations. You should be very proud. We knew you could do it, when will you be ready for the Peachtree race? John & Lynda

      1. I’ll mention it to them – but I’ve never heard them express any interest and I don’t believe any of them are runners We’d come and cheer you on..

  2. I’m so proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished! The difference between where you are now compared to when you first started running is incredible. You have amazing drive and perseverance and amazing things will happen for you! I love you so much mom.

    1. Georgie, Yes, you were a witness to that first mile — remember that? You were cheering me on then, and you’re cheering me on now. : ) I was so happy to run the 10K with you — thank you for being my partner and for wearing the purple with me! And thank you for your love and support. I love YOU so much too. LaLu, Mom PS. So what’s next for us?

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