Ruth Update: So Long Emesis Nemesis

The last time Mom was at my house in May 2010.

Mom has been having what I like to call “tummy trouble” and what mom’s caregivers like to call “emesis” but what is actually, bouts of vomiting since the end of December.  Mom went to the doctor, she had tests, and we were getting nowhere trying to figure out the cause of the tummy trouble.  Finally, in an effort to put an end to the emesis, and to avoid further testing, mom started taking generic Prilosec last Tuesday, and I’m happy to report she hasn’t vomited in 10 days!  I’m told she is acting and eating better too.

I talked with Mom today, and she sounds really good on the phone,  but she also sounds like she’s progressing quickly.

Something new — mom doesn’t know what to do with the phone when someone hands it to her.  Now I hear about 10 seconds of instructions before my mom says hello. “Hold it like this.  You talk here.  Put that part to your ear.  No, you don’t push the buttons.”  This is new.

Mom has also started making up words.

So long emesis nemesis.  Hello unrelenting, got her by the balls on your course of destruction, Alzheimer’s disease.

4 thoughts on “Ruth Update: So Long Emesis Nemesis”

  1. Hello unrelenting, got her by the balls on your course of destruction, Alzheimer’s disease.
    Oh how I can relate except that generally the Alzheimer’s disease has me by the chest or stomach along with her as I am being dragged from the back of the truck along this course of destruction. Tonight I am so numb symbolically that I was supposed to call dad at his nursing home but am so immobile that I have no more to give tonight. I will see him tomorrow. Welcome to my hell. My mom is far more advanced than yours, bed bound, g tubed & trached. She cannot speak & is suffering at times physcially. We are working on this. The prilosec or prevacid actually made her really sick to her stomach. She was a little better today but had blood instead of urine in her foley catheter. This means either UTI or irritation with the cath. Today I literally had to yell at nurses to finally get her doctor to come & round to see her. She has been in the hospital since Dec. 30 & moved to a nursing home yesterday. Hasn’t seen a doctor since. The blood in the catheter should have been mentioned to the MD since it started today but it hadn’t so I was like Shirley MacLaine in Terms of Endearment yelling that she needed to be seen by an MD. That is why I am so tired. The worry with a UTI is that if unresolved long enough it can turn into sepsis which can cause more kidney & lung problems.

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      Your “hell” sounds awful. I’ve been following what’s been going on with your mom here and there, and I had to look to see where you’re located because it sounds like your mom’s care is so poor! Maybe I don’t know any better because we’ve been fortunate so far, but I hope this is not the norm. I am so terribly sorry that your mom is all hooked up and suffering like this — it must be horrible to see her this way. What is her prognosis? How many years into the disease is she? Your mom is fortunate that you’re there to be her voice right now. Be strong Shirley MacLaine, and keep pounding on that nurses station.

  2. The picture of your mom and the caption “The last time my mom was at my house, May 2010” really hit me. My mom came for Christmas 2010 and that was the last time she was able to visit us. She wouldn’t let us take her picture because she said she looked bad. How I wish I had insisted, just so the girls could see themselves with their grandmother at Christmas one last time.

    1. Yes — we sometimes don’t realize until we look back, just how special a moment is. How can we know at the time? I had no idea that May 2010 would be my mom’s last visit, and I’m guessing you didn’t know about your mom either. We’ll have to hold on to those memories in our hearts instead of in photos. How long has it been now? I recently wrote about “motherless daughters” and I thought of all the women I know who are walking this path ahead of me. I hope you are well dear friend, and that you’ve found peace.

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