Social Workers Make a Difference!

My mom's Senior Day Care at the Southwest Senior Center lead to . . . .

My mom’s new home has a “10 Day Care Conference” scheduled for today.  When we admitted mom into this Residential Facility, we told them all about mom and where she’s at in terms of her Alzheimer’s diagnosis.  Now, after 10 days, Richfield Senior Suites will tell us what they think.  This is standard procedure and it’s a welcome meeting because it means they’ve been observing my mom enough to make a Care Plan for her.

I’m not sure what the plan will include, but I’m looking forward to hearing what professional caregivers with years of experience recommend for my mom.   Included at this meeting will be the Director, my dad, my sister, myself and a trusted Social Worker from my mom’s Senior Day Care, who has been a God-send to our family.  My sister and I will “attend” the meeting on a conference call which is why I’m so grateful my mom’s Social Worker will be there with her experienced eyes and educated questions.

. . . a terrific Senior Social Worker. Which lead to . . . .

Linda Walker, LSW from the Southwest Senior Center has been an advocate for my mom from day one.  She is the person who recommended we look into a Residential Home for mom rather than a traditional multi-room facility.  Linda showed me a list of Homes near my parents, and it’s from this list that my mom’s new home was found.  In addition to attending the meeting today, she’ll call me when it’s over to share her insights and offer suggestions.

Linda is also helping us navigate the tricky business of activating my mom’s Long-Term Care Policy and the dreaded and required Asset Assessment.   Wow.  How do we ever thank her?  Needless to say, I don’t know what we would have done without Linda — without her, my mother might not be in the lovely home that she’s in now.

. . . my mom's fabulous new HOME!

Need someone on your side?  Find a Social Worker!
Southwest Senior Center Information  (If you live in South Mpls.)
CLICK HERE for advice on finding a Senior Social Worker.
Don’t forget — you can always contact your Local Dept. of Social Services.

PS.  I’ll tell you about the meeting and my mom’s new Care Plan tomorrow.  : )